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Textbook Reserves


URP 3000 Intro Urban Planning Design Lecture

URP 4011 Planning Methods Lecture

URP 4343 Plan Making and Zoning Lecture


URP 4420 Environmental Planning Methods Lecture

URP 4712

URP 4883 Urban & Regional Planning



6115 Urban Governance

URP 6719



WOH 2012 History of Civilization I

WOH 5935 Chinese Intellectual History Special Topics


WST 2010 Intro to Women's Studies 


WST 2351 Gender and Climate Change

WST 4349 Green Consciousness Lecture


WST 4504 Honors Feminist Theory

WST 6348 Women, Environment, Ecofeminism, & Environmental Justice

WST 6938 Feminization of Poverty Lecture



ZOO 4690 Vertebrate Structure Development and Evolution


ZOO 4690L Vertebrate Sturcture Development and Evolution

ZOO 6406 The Biology of Sea Turtles