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Textbook Reserves



MAR 3023 Marketing Principles


MAR 4323 Promotional Management


MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior


MAR 4803 Marketing Strategy


MAR 6055 Marketing Functions and Processes



MAS 4107 Linear Algebra 2



MCB 3020 General Microbiology



School of Medicine Textbook Library & Study Tools



MET 2010 Weather and Climate



MGF 1106 Math for Liberal Arts 1


MGF 1107 Math for Liberal Arts 2


MHS 5005

MHS 6070


MHS 6510 Group Counseling

MHS 6340 Career Development

MHS 6401

MHS 6421

MHS 6430 Family Counseling

MHS 6466

MHS 6470 Counseling and Human Sexuality

MHS 6600

MHS 6800

MHS 7222



MMC 1540 Introduction to Multimedia Studies


MMC 3601 Minorities and the Media


MMC 4200 Mass Communications: Law and Regulation


MMC 4501 Media Criticism