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Textbook Reserves



MUE 4013 Music: Elementary School 1



MUG 3301 Instrumental Conducting I


MUG 4304 Instrumental Conducting II


MUG 4311 Instrumental Conducting III



MUH 4211 Music of Western Civilization I


MUH 4212 Music of Western Civilization II



MUL 2010 HIstory and Appreciation of Music

MUL 4644 Choral Literature Techniques Lecture


MUM 3663 Sound Recording 1 Lecture

MUM 4628 Live Sound Reinforcement Studio

MUM 4723 Music Production Lecture

MUM 6727 Advanced Music Production Lecture



MUT 1111 Music Theory 1


MUT 1112 Music Theory 2


MUT 2116 Music Theory 3


MUT 2117 Music Theory 4

MUT 4311 Music Theory: Orchestration Studio