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Textbook Reserves



ENG 3311 Statics


ENG 3331 Strength of Materials


ENG 3343 Engineering Thermodynamics


ENG 3822 Introduction to Literary Studies


ENG 4323 Vibration Sythesis/Analysis


ENG 6009 Principles and Problems of Literary


ENL 3112


ENL 4210 Medieval Literature 


ENL 4311 Chaucer


ENT 4024 Entrepreneurship Lecture

ENT 4412 Entrepreneurial Finance Lecture

ENT 6016 Advanced Business Plan Development

ENT 6428 Entrepreneurial Venture Capital Lecture

ENT 6946


ENV 4053 RI: Environmental Fate and Transport Lecture

ENV 66683 Environmental Systems and Processes Lecture


EOC4510 Introduction to Ship Structural Design

EOC 5172 Mathematical Mthds in OE 1 Lecture

EOC 6216C Corrosion 1 Lecture

EOC 6635 Engineering Data Analysis Lecture



ESC 2000 The Blue Planet


EUH 3451 History Of Modern France

EUH 3575 Honors Russia Under The Tsars Lecture


EUH 4511 Tudor-Stuart England Lecture

EUH 4530 British Empire Lecture


EUH 6939 Seminar in European History


EVR 1001 Environmental Science and Sustainability

EVR 2017 Honors Environment and Society Lecture


EVR 3421 Honors Parks and Preservation



EXP 3505 Cognition


EXP 4204 Human Perception


EXP 4934 Cognition Lab