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Textbook Reserves



HFT 3003 Introduction to Hospitality Management


HFT 3741 Meeting and Events Management


HFT 4240 Excellence in Guest Service Management


HFT 4253 Hotel and Resort Management


HFT 4453 Financial Analytics for Hospitality Managers


HFT 4503 Hospitality Marketing and Revenue Management



HIS 2034 Topics in Historical Investigations


HIS 2934 Topics in Historical Investigation


HIS 3150 RI: Historical Methods Lecture


HIS 4935 Senior Seminar

HIS 3434 History Christianity since 1500 Lecture 

HIS 4322 Aerospace History Lecture



HSA 3104 Introduction to Health Professions

HSA 3111 Health Delivery Systems 


HSA 3534 Health Care Medical Terminology

HSA 4110 Health Care Organization/ Administration Lecture

HSA 4140


HSA 4170 Health Care Financial Management

HSA 4223


HSA 4423 Management of Long-Term Care Facilities


HSA 4700 Health Research Methods

HSA 6103

HSA 6108 Plnng Marketing in Healthcare Lecture

HSA 6175 Healthcare Finance Lecture


HSA 6425 Health Law



HSC 2100 Health, Fitness for Life


HSC 4104 Stress Management

HSC 4143 Substance Abuse 

HSC 5178

HSC 5203

HSC 6505