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Textbook Reserves


NGR 6002 Advanced Health Assessment 


NGR 6002L Advanced Health Assessment Lab


NGR 6110 Advanced Nursing Practice Grounded in Caring


NGR 6168 Foundations of Holistic Nursing 1: Advanced Nursing Situations

NGR 6342

NGR 6508


NGR 6509 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Across the Lifespan: Individual and Family Therapy in Advanced Nursing Situations


NGR 6725 Financial Administration of Nursing System 


NGR 6811 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice Roles


NGR 6812 Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice

NGR 6891

NGR 7111 Evolution of Nursing as a Discip Lecture

NGR 7124

NGR 7661 Pop-Based Caring Aging Soc Lecture

NGR 7767

NGR 7855

NGR 7946 Scholarship Practicum Lecture



NUR Essentials of Caring Science Literature Collection


NUR 3065 Health Assessment in Nursing Situations


NUR 3065L Health Assessment in Nursing Situations Lab




NUR 3115 Foundations of Caring in Nursing Situations

NUR 3145  Pharmacotherapeutics Lecture 


NUR 3171 Creating Healing Environments


NUR 3262 Chronic Care in Nursing Situations for Adults and Aging Populations

NUR 3358

NUR 3455


NUR 3465 Maternity and Pediatric Nursing

NUR 3821

NUR 4079


NUR 4125 General Pathophysiology


NUR 4165 Nursing Research


NUR 4525 Psychiatric and Mental Health: Nursing Situations Across the Lifespan 


NUR 4638 Population Health Nursing Situations


NUR 4764 Complex Care in Nursing Situations with Adults and Aging Populations


NUR 4824 Professional Development in Nursing 1: Ethical and Legal Perspectives of Caring 


NUR 4833 Professional Development in Nursing 2: Designer of Caring Environments


NUR 4860 Professional Development in Nursing 3: Leader/Coordinator of Caring Environments


NUR 4861 Professional Development in Nursing 4: Member of a Caring Profession


NUR 4935 Honors Seminar in Nursing 2


NUR 4936 RI: Honors Seminar III in Nursing 


NUR 4937 RI: Scholarship for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice


NUR 7121 Theory Development and Application in Nursing