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Historical U.S. Newspapers

Welcome to this United States Historical Newspapers Subject Guide. The newspapers that are presented are from digital collections that have been curated by others and uploaded to the internet. Some of the Newspaper runs may be missing issues or date ranges.

The dates of coverage are included in an entry for a newspaper.  Also, the dates of coverage were correct when they were added to the entry, but may have changed since they were recorded. 

While this guide does provide a substantial list of newspaper titles to be accessed online, this is not to say that there is not more out there. (If you come across a newspaper title on the web and feel it should be added to this guide feel free to email me. The site must be a free site, not locked down behind a paywall.)   

The letters on the tabs pertain to the particular state(s) that fall under that particular letter. 

Example: To find the Toledo Blade, click on the "O" for Ohio.

The Library of Congress's website, Chronicling America has a search engine that will identify United States newspapers that were available in a particular place and time. newspaper ads | The Print Observer – Newspaper & Magazine  Advertising Insights

A complete list of newspapers is available at Google News Archive. That list is arranged by title of the newspaper and provides access to a browsable list of all issues available.

In order to search the newspapers in Google News Archive, do a search in a Google search box that includes the term(s) for which you wish to search and include the phrase "" (without the quotation marks) in the search box. For example, to search for articles about Pearl Harbor, do the search: "pearl harbor"

The fight for the future of America's local newspapers | Financial TimesYour readers need to know they can count on you | by roydiehl | MediumVintage Photographs of People Reading Newspapers Before the Invention of  That Grossly Antisocial Device: The Smartphone ~ Vintage Everyday

Did Yellow Journalism Fuel the Outbreak of the Spanish-American War? -  HISTORYFile:Yellow Kid 1896-3-15.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsYellow Journalism and Fake News | Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People |  PBS LearningMedia

The databases listed below are part of the FAU Libraries collection and to access them will require you to log in using our FAU Net ID. 

Introduction - American Newspapers, 1800-1860 - LibGuides at University of  Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignA printer's shop, from a Flemish series illustrating new inventions, c. 1580-1605. British MuseumHistory of Newspapers In America

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