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Textbook Reserves



LIN 2607 Global Perspectives on Language



LIT 2010 Interpretation of Fiction


LIT 2030 Interpretation of Poetry


LIT 2040 Interpretation of Drama


LIT 2070 Interpretation of Creative Nonfiction


LIT 3213 Literary Theory


LIT 4094 Contemporary Drama


LIT 4225 Critical Approaches



MAA 4402 Introductory Complex Analysis



MAC 2311 Calculus-Analytic Geometry 1


MAC 2312 Calculus-Analytic Geometry 2



MAD 6407


MAD 6478 Cryptanalysis


MAE 4350 Principles and Methods: K - 9 School Math



MAN 3025 Introduction Management Organizational Behavior


MAN 3506 Operations Management


MAN 3600 International Business


MAN 3611 Cross-Cultural Human Relations and Negotiations


MAN 4046 Leadership, Supervisory Skills and Team Development


MAN 4301 Human Resource Management


MAN 4504 Operations Management Applications


MAN 4720 Global Strategy and Policy