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Textbook Reserves



ECO 2013 Macroeconomic Principles


ECO 3101 Intermediate Microeconomics


ECO 4223 Money and Banking


ECO 4421 Introduction to Econometrics Methods 


ECO 4713 International Macroeconomics


ECO 6709 Advanced International Development



ECP 4530 Health Care Economics & Policy


No titles in reserves at this time


EDA 6300 Systems and Community


EDA 7069 Ethics and Policy Alternatives


EDA 7931 Seminar in Leadership



EDF 2005 Introduction to Teaching Profession


EDF 2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators


EDF 3210 Applied Learning Theory


EDF 3610 Education in Multicultural Society


EDF 3430 Educational Measurement & Evaluation


EDF 6481 Educational Research



EDG 3323 Effective Teaching Practices 


EDG 4343 Professional Certification Educational Assessment Practices 


EDG 6285 Program Evaluation in Curriculum & Instruction 


EDG 7938 Foundations of Curriculum Inquiry


No titles in reserves at this time



EDS 6100 Leadership 2: Theories and Assessment


No titles in reserves at this time


No titles in reserves at this time


No titles in reserves at this time



EEX 4066 Instruction Practices for Students with Mild Disabilities


EEX 4070 Inclusive Education for General Educators


EEX 4101 Language and Speech Disorders


EEX 4250 Reading Instruction in Special Education


EEX 4604 Classroom Management 


EEX 5015 Survey and Assessment in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education


EEX 5612 Applied Behavior Analysis


EEX 6065 Transition Planning for Individuals with Disabilities


EEX 6259 Cognitive and Metacognitive Learning Strategies


No titles in reserves at this time



EGM 6533 Advanced Strength of Materials



EGN 3311 Statics


EGN 3331 Strength of Materials


EGN 3343 Engineering Thermodynamics


EGN 4323 Vibration Synthesis and Analysis



EME 4312 Educational Technology for 21st Century Teachers



EML 4127 Applied Thermal-Fluid Engineering


EML 4321 Manufacturing Methods


EML 4930 Microfluidies and MEMS


EML 6930 Microfluidies and MEMS