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Library User Guide: Clinical Affiliate Faculty

What is the Purpose of this Page?

This page is meant as an aide to help guide you to FAU resources and known general resources for research publication. At this time the medical librarians do not provide publication services beyond literature review assistance. 

Book an appointment  for a literature review assistance session or simply start an email conversation today! Below are an example of ways we can assist you: 

  • Review resources to consult during your literature search. 
  • Get your questions answered about citation managers. 
  • How can you step up your review? (let's talk about incorporating those subject headings and other strategies!) 
  • Get customized assistance with *your* question.  
  • Troubleshoot gaining access to those full text articles you find in your searches. 
  • Interlibrary Loan support for creating your ILL account and placing article requests. 

 Book an appointment with Tiffany Follin using her Bookings Link HERE. or reach out to the library via the department email HERE. 

Do You Have A Literature Search Guide?

This guide was created to walk a user through a literature search as it relates to EBM: from creating a search question from a basic need (clinical or research) to searching the literature, to evaluating and applying the medical literature to your question. It is also great for those who simply need a refresher at any point in their research process: skip ahead to tabs covering basic and advanced search strategies. 

Do You Have More FAU Resources I can Use?

Created by FAU Libraries' Scholarly Communication Program, the guide provides resources for choosing a journal, determining journal quality (including identifying predatory publishers), and author rights

Notable Sections: 

  • Open Access
    •  Publishing in Open Access
    • Evaluate and find publishers
  • Journal and Research Impact
    • Find impact factors
    • Citation Tracking and analysis
  • Scholarly Publishing 
    • Choose a journal or publisher
    • Retractions
    • Deceptive or predatory publishers
  •  Researcher Profile and Identifier Management
    • Types of Researcher IDs and Profiles

Delve into EBM resources, biostats resources, study design, and systematic reviews.

View a list of reference management software, citation styles, and plagiarism resources, and more.

  1. Endnote's "Journal Match" feature enables authors to find journals that matches their manuscript.
  2.  Through the FAU Libraries' subscription to Web of Science, FAU students, faculty and staff have FREE access to EndNote Web Basic

For access to Endnote:

  • Go to the Web of Science database.  
  • Sign in or register for a free account with your FAU email (both options located at the top right side of the page)
  • Click on "My Products" at the top right side of the page and choose "EndNote" from the dropdown options
  • For on demand tech support via webpage tutorials and knowledgebases, visit Endnote Table of Contents

Endnote Cite While You Write: 

  • From your Endnote account, click the "downloads" option from the gray navigation bar. 
  • From the Cite While You Write column, click the download link for your device. Installation Instructions & System Requirements provided if needed. 
  • Follow download prompts and refer to the installation instructions as needed. 
  • Within Word, authorize the CWYW Endnote tab by linking to your Endnote account: Cite While You Write Preferences

To utilize the Journal Match feature:

  • Click on "My Products" at the top right side of the page and choose "Master Journal List" from the dropdown options
  • In the center box next to "Already have a manuscript?" click "Match manuscript." 
  • Log in or create an account. 
  • Enter the title of your manuscript and abstract
  • Click "Find Journals."

Guide offering support for summer research projects. Find video demonstrations on the library's top medical literature search databases, as well as example articles published by FAU medical students & residents. 

I am Ready to Find a Journal to Submit To. Where Can I go?

Below is a selection of Journal Matching Resources that are available to match your manuscript with a journal. Results are an indication of compatibility and does not indicate or ensure acceptance of your article.

*Please note that the library does not offer funding for journals should your manuscript be accepted.  

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