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Evidence Based Medicine: Overview

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Use PICO to formulate your research question & search strategy

P – Patient, population or problem

  - How would I describe a group of patients similar to mine?

I – Intervention

  - Drug, diagnostic test etc. . .

C – Comparative Intervention (optional)

  - Gold standard or other comparison

O – Outcome (optional)

  - Desired result

EBM Steps

1. ASK: Construct a well-built, answerable clinical question based on an individual patient or public health need
2. ACQUIRE: The best evidence to answer the clinical question
3. APPRAISE: Appraise that evidence for its validity and applicability
4. APPLY: Integrate the appraised information with clinical expertise and patient’s unique circumstances
5. EVALUATE: Evaluate your effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out steps 1-4

What is EBM?

Evidence Based Medicine is the “integration of the best research evidence with our clinical expertise and our patient’s unique values and circumstances.”


Types of Information Sources

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