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Library User Guide: Clinical Affiliate Faculty

What Do I need To Access the Library Resources?

Remote Library Access

  • Clinical Affiliates will need their FAU NetID and password to authenticate themselves remotely via OpenAthens. Your FAU NetID is your username preceding your email address.
  • Users will also be required to be enrolled in DUO two factor authentication that will require installation of an app for a "push" or a phone for call/ passcode verification.
  • There are articles & physical titles not in the FAU Collections. For these items, users can place Interlibrary Loan requests.  An Owl Card is *not* required to create an ILL account to request material not in the FAU collections. However a Library Card Number (present on an Owl Card) *is.* Users can specify in their OwlCard request if they would like a physical card or library card number. See this guide's Owl Card tab for additional information.  

In Person Library Access

  • Clinical Affiliates will need an Owl Card to swipe in/out and to borrow general collection material located at the Wimberly Library.  
    • Please note that affiliates who do not frequently utilize the physical library/COM spaces can be accommodated. For the Wimberly library please check in at the Service Desk located in the lobby.

How do I Access & Request Resources?

To access the library resources via OpenAthens, you will need a FAU NetID and password. New Clinical Faculty should receive their FAUNet ID along with instructions on setting up a FAU account & password once paperwork is complete: this process can sometimes be lengthy and we appreciate your patience. Please reach out to your librarian if you are in need of articles, or assistance with a resource, during this time.  

Where to Find: 

  • The FAU Accounts Self-Services portal offers several options for a user's FAUNet ID.  
  • Users can also get to the FAU Self-Services portal from the FAU Libraries' OpenAthen's sign-on page.
    • When prompted how to sign in, choose "Florida Atlantic University." 
    • From the "Login to FLVC Authentication" page, click one of the red hyperlinks, to the right side of the page (picture included in the screenshot above.)

To Use:  

  • Activate Your Account: first time users will need to activate their FAUNet ID here by choosing "Activate your FAUNet ID." 
  • Not New? Choose "Lookup Your FAUNetID" to retrieve it. 
  • Reset your password: click "forgot your password" to change it. 


  • The FAUNet ID and passwords are coordinated via FAU's OIT. Please reach out to the FAU Helpdesk via phone at 561-297-3999. 
  • Should you need further assistance, please reach out to the librarians who may be able to assist. Please note that the librarians cannot call the helpdesk on your behalf without you present;  OIT will need to talk directly to you to verify your information, so meeting in our offices may be an option we can explore. 

Where to Find: Library links are now formatted for OpenAthens access and off campus users will be prompted to log in as they access an individual resource. When off campus, users will have access to the Libraries’ e-resources without needing to go through the Libraries’ website but will still need to verify before accessing material. 

What You Need: Your FAU username and password. 

To Use:

The FAU Libraries provided support page offers a how to page (OpenAthens How To Use) and a tutorial page (OpenAthens Tutorials). 

  • Off campus users may find they have difficulties accessing articles directly via a vendor platform: look for an "institutional log in" option within the sign-in box, and choose "Florida Atlantic University" if prompted. 
  • If you have a frequently used resource, we recommend bookmarking the "Athenized" resource link from the Library Resources page, and using that to start your search. 


Where to Find: Duo Two Factor authentication is required to access most FAU services that require FAUNet ID and password log-in (which includes the library resources.) Users will automatically be prompted when accessing a library resource and after entering their FAUNet ID and password. Clicking "remember me for 24 hours" option will reduce the amount of sign-ins the system will require. 

What You Need: First time users will need to enroll and set up their device. Please see the below OIT link for instructions: 

To Use

  • . When prompted, simply choose to be sent a push if you have the app installed or be sent a passcode via text. 


  • The librarians do not have jurisdiction regarding DUO but may be able to lend a second pair of eyes for common installation and/or access issues. Please reach out if you would like the librarians to troubleshoot with you. 
  • For technical support reach out to OIT by placing a ticket: click HERE to submit a ticket.  

Mobile App:

 Duo Mobile

iOS | Android

Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. Florida Atlantic University now requires two-factor authentication which prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if that person happens to know your password. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to deny access to your accounts (on your Duo-enrolled device) if someone tries to sign in as you. Duo Mobile enables the "push" notification option (alternative options are call or text passcodes.) 







Where to Find: Owl Cards are available on request via the Owl Card Service Center. This is considered an advanced access option for Clinical affiliates as they do not need an Owl Card unless they wish to create an ILL account or frequently access the physical library. 

What You Need:

  • Your FAU username and password.
  • A picture from your shoulders up. Gaze directly into camera, with no hats, face coverings, sunglasses. A white, or very light, background.

To Use: 

Fill in the request form with the required information. If you do not wish to visit the physical library you do not have to request a physical card-- choose the FAU Library number option for  completing your ILL account registration. Please see the Owl Card tab in the navigation menu of this guide for additional details regarding the Owl Card as well as benefits to having a physical card. 




What: OneSearch is a tool for searching across the FAU Libraries resources.  Use it to search for journal articles, newspaper articles, books, digital collections, government documents, maps, music recordings, videos, and more. 

Where to Find: 

What You Need: FAUNet ID and password for resource access. 

To Use: Primo Onesearch allows users to search multiple resources with a general "new search" option (both access points above  default to this feature). Simply type your query in and click enter, narrow by filter on the left side. If you know what database or journal you are looking for, click the "journal finder" or "database finder" in the top blue navigation bar, then search the resource. 



Clicking on the “Find it @ FAU” automatically searches the entire FAU holdings to determine if full-text access to the chosen journal article or individual journal is available.

 Findit@FAU will NOT appear if you are not logged into OpenAthens. 

For example, this service is available in PubMed where the icon will appear on the top right of the screen when you click on a specific article. This is in addition to PubMed’s routine linking out to available “free articles” from PubMed Central and other services.

Where to Find: Any FAU Libraries database

What You Need: FAUNet ID and password

To Use: When off-campus, verify via a library link (save as a bookmark for easier access). Proceed with your search using a database such as Pubmed. When you encounter a citation source, click "Find it@FAU" to link to a full-text article, if available. If it if not available through FAU resources, Find it@FAU will link to an ILL request page. 

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues,  Submit a ticket (web browser) or reach out to Tiffany Follin (email)




If you require materials (books or articles) that the FAU Libraries do not have available, you can order them through Interlibrary Loan. Where a lender charges for an item, the library will pay a set amount to bring an item in (should the cost be higher the library will notify you of the total cost and ask if you wish to pay the remainder of the charge.)

You will need to register and make an account the first time you use the service. Please use your email: non FAU emails are invalid. 

  Helpful links: 


Where to Find: Medical Library Page, left side within the blue navigation column. 

What You Need: Your Owl card to set up an ILL account, and your FAU email. 

To Use: 

  • Log in directly to ILL using the hyperlink located in the left navigation column; use your FAUNet ID and password to sign in/create an account. Manually fill an ILL request and click "submit request."

Special Note: Users can customize the "not needed by" dates to reflect less than the defaulted month or longer than it. Expanding the date allows the system to continue requesting the article from lending institutions and not automatically cancel the request. 

Video: The video, below, has been created by the ILL department to demonstrate how to place ILL requests. 

  • Interlibrary Loan: Darth Slitherous is in need of material not at FAU. Before lashing out with the Dark side of the Force in frustration, fate (AKA a librarian) intervenes: do or do not use ILL, there is no try. 


UBorrow allows you to request books directly from participating libraries within the Florida state university system. This unmediated borrowing service increases your access to the collections of the other universities in Florida and delivers more quickly than standard Interlibrary Loan. 

Where to Find: Library Primo catalog

What You Need: FAUNet ID and password for account log in.

To Use: Enter your search term in the library Primo catalog. If your item is not at FAU, look for the subheading "Get it" and click "UBorrow Request." Fields are auto-filled: double check all are correct. Adjust the Preferred local pickup location. Click "send request." 

Special Note: Only books can be requested through the UBORROW system. You will be required to pick up your material at the Circulation Desk when it arrives. For campus visiting information, please refer to the FAQ page.

Why Can't I Sign Into the Remote Library?

New Affiliates

New affiliates will need to activate their FAUNet ID, create a password, and establish DUO mobile for authentication. Please see the box above "How Do I Access & Request Resources?" for additional information. 

Established Affiliates

Established affiliates may find that they cannot access the library, or perhaps can no longer have access when they once did. 

  1. Library Account expiration date: please reach out to the librarians at to investigate your library account. 
  2. Activate your account: there is a chance your account was never activated. 
    1. Self-services:
    2. Click “activate your FAUNet ID.
    3. Click “Proceed”
    4. Enter your info into the fields, confirm you are not a robot (if you are not a robot)
    5. Click “continue.”
    6. If your account is already active, you will see a green message: “sorry, but your account has already been claimed.”
  3. Reset your password
    1. Self-services:
    2. Click “forgot your password.”
    3. Enter your FAUNet ID, again confirm you are not a robot (if still not a robot)
    4. Click “continue” and follow prompts.
    5. If you do not see an option to reset your password, call the Help Desk at 561-297-3999.
  4. Call the FAU Help Desk
    • Occasionally there may be a situation that requires a call the HelpDesk to address an issue that OIT will need to reset on their end: they can be reached at 561-297-3999.

How Do I Access the Physical Library?

The Wimberly library, bldg. #3, houses the physical medical books in the general collection, core reserve titles accessible at the Service desk located in the lobby, the graduate study lounge for students & residents, one medical librarian's office, and more! 

  • Note: To access the Wimberly library building you will need your Owl Card to swipe in and out of the security gates located inside the entrance/exit doors. Affiliates who do not visit on a regular basis can alert the front service desk and sign in as a guest with a valid driver's license or state-issued ID. 
  • Directions from the COM (walking): While there are several ways to get to the library from the COM, one way would be to walk from the south side of the COM building and head west towards the Breezeway. Walk through the Behavioral Science building and turn left to walk on the Breezeway (south) until you see the Jewish Life Center on your right. Turn right (west) to walk past Chick-fil-a and you will see the library on the right past the restaurant. 
  • Parking (near the Library): If you are driving to the library, parking garage 1 is the most convenient parking near the Library building but tends to fill up fast in Fall and Spring during the day. If you visit after 5pm Monday-Friday, Red Lot 20 in front the the building is open to all color tags. Lot 19 has metered parking and is available to those who do not have a current parking permit with FAU. 

The College of Medicine, bldg. # 71, does not provide a physical library on site and the librarians continue to offer their virtual offices as a primary point of contact. The Hennekens Hub, which offered a space to interact, is currently being utilized during College of Medicine renovations and may not be available. If you wish to meet in person at the COM, alternate arrangements will be made to meet in another COM location depending on room schedule availability. The Medical Liaison and Outreach Librarian's Library office is located apprx 5-7 minutes walking distance in Bldg #3 and is available for meetings if there are no rooms at the COM for the desired date and time. 


Please excuse our dust~ The Hennekens Hub is currently being utilized for student study spaces as the COM renovates. 

The Hennekens Hub ("the Hub") is part of the joint space that makes up the Kaufman Lounge & Hennekens Hub space. Both can be seen from the lobby through floor to ceiling glass windows. The adjacent areas are separated by a movable glass wall that is opened partially/completely as needed to accommodate and foster collaboration. Because the connecting glass panel door will sometimes be closed to form the dividing wall and separate the spaces, users who wish to use the Lounge to study and purchase beverages should use the north side door entrance, while those who wish to access the Hub space to consult with the librarians should use the south side door. Both entrances are equipped with card swipe access. 

All FAU visitors will need a parking permit for their time on campus. If you are working with the COM on a specific lecture or project, please consult your contact to see if there is a courtesy tag for your use. The library does not provide courtesy passes. 

The link in this box provides visitors a way to purchase temporary permits in advance that allow parking in any blue lot. Information on metered lots are provided. 

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