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Beginning this summer and throughout the fall semester, we are working to upgrade the research experience by making ongoing improvements to our Research Guides.
You may encounter changes in the look and feel of the Research Guides website along with structural changes to our existing guides. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please let us know.

Library User Guide: Clinical Affiliate Faculty

Owl Cards are not required to obtain remote

access to the library but are still useful to have on hand.

Check out this page for information related to the FAU Owl Card.  

Please reach out to your department's coordinator to inquire if you can coordinate a card request through them. The Owl Card Center otherwise accepts direct online requests for in-person pick-up via an online form. Their locations, hours, and the online request form can be accessed by visiting their Locations Page HERE. Please let the medical library know if this presents an barrier to access and we can discuss holding your card for a late night or weekend pickup at the Wimberly Library service desk. 


Owl Card Center: 

Fill in the request form with the required information. If you do not wish to visit the physical library you do not have to request a physical card-- choose the FAU Library number option. Please see the Owl Card tab in the navigation menu of this guide for additional details regarding the Owl Card as well as benefits to having a physical card. 

Integrated Medical Sciences: 

Stephanie Gabrielsen

Coordinator, Faculty Affairs and Integrated Medical Science | Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine



Jennifer Govender 

Administrator of Office Operations | Institute for Human Health & Disease Intervention


Your card allows you:

  • Anytime access! A valid Owl Card is required to gain physical entrance to the Libraries' Main Boca Campus building during non-public hours from 10pm- 7am, Sunday through Friday.  
  • Easy Access! The library has gates that are active during all business hours. While the library is open to the public, anybody without an Owl Card is required to sign-in at the service desk as a visitor. Visitors also are required to alert the front desk on departure so as to have the gate opened for them.  With your Card in hand, you can swipe in & out and keep on going. 
  • Material Access! With the power of your Owl Card, you can check out print material to take with you. Need to access one of the reserve items located at the front desk? Now you can do that, too. 
  • ILL Requests! Material not in FAU's collection can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) department. Users must create an account and an OwlCard is required. ILL provide access to both electronic and print resources. 

What can your card do outside the library? 

It gives you access to:

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