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Library "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY)

I am looking for statistics

Since there are many types of statistics, how you search will depend on the kind of information you need. Start your search here:

Best Census & Statistical Sites

  • Selection of valuable resources featuring census data, national and local demographics, business and economic statistics, and international statistics

Education Statistics

  • Educational statistics and data from U.S., Florida, and international sources

Statistics from the Federal Government, State of Florida, and International Organizations

  • Variety of statistics from government agencies;

Statistics in Primary Sources Subject Guide

  • Links to FAU databases, and statistics from Florida, U.S. (including U.S. Census) and international sources

‚ÄčStatistical Sites on the World Wide Web

  • Includes principal U.S. federal statistical agencies, international statistical organizations, and national statistical agencies of other countries

STAT-USA Sources

  • U.S. government economic statistics and international marketing statistics

Historical Statistics

Historical Statistics of the United States

  • Colonial Times until 1970

International Historical Statistics

  • Statistics on the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania from 1750-2010

More Strategies for Finding Statistics

  • Subject Guides: Many include links to useful statistical and data sources in that subject area. 
  • Look for specific groups that might do research on your topic. Consider who would be interested in your topic; then, look at the websites or search for reports from these groups on your topic:
    • government agencies
    • advocacy groups
    • think-tanks
    • institutes
    • companies
  • Search the Web. Many statistical sources are freely available on the Web. Search for the kind of evidence you're looking for along with the word statistics or data.
  • Watch out for the sponsored results and advertisements that can look like regular search results. When finding things on the Web, evaluate sources carefully for reliability and potential bias. In the example below, NASA, as a .gov source of information and a collector and analyzer of global warming data, would be the credible source, as opposed to the advertisement-based links, in which the purpose is to sell a product or collect a donation. 

Search the FAU Libraries catalog to locate books and government information with statistical information. In the Advanced Catalog Search, enter your topic in 'Anywhere' and enter statistics in the 'Subject' line.  If you're looking for recent information, limit the date range to the appropriate years (e.g., the past 3, 5, or 10 years).