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Library "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY)

Nothing I found was in full text

In a database or in OneSearch, if there is no link to the full text, look for the , which searches further for the item and often takes you to the full text. 

If the button does not take you to the full text:

  • Check Google Scholar. If it's unavailable in full text there, go to the next step.
  • Search in FAU Libraries Catalog for the journal title in which the article appears. (Do not search for the article title.)  

    • There may be multiple versions of the journal - some may be available electronically, and others may be available only in print. The catalog record will indicate where the journal is located. (For electronic journals you will see a link; for print journals look for the library location listed at the end of the catalog record.) 
    • When you locate the journal title, look in the catalog record for the publication dates for which the journal is available. Be sure the publication date of your article matches with the publication years listed in FAU Library Catalog. 
    • Access the relevant journal issue and navigate to the article you need. 
      • For electronic journals: After you've accessed the journal through the catalog link, if you don't see the full text immediately, use the main search box to search by article title, or view the year, or volume and issue that the article appears in.
      • For print journals: Items available in print journals will have a location and call number. To find the journal on the shelf, write down the call number or text it to your phone. 

More on accessing a specific journal