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Interlibrary Loan Help Guide: ILL Account Information

Your guide to using FAU's Interlibrary Loan services

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Interlibrary Loan
Boca Campus
Bldg LY-3, Rm 214
2nd Floor - West

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri. 8am-4:45pm

Using ILL Account


  • If you have never placed an Interlibrary Loan or Branch Campus Delivery request, you will need to create an ILL Account.


  • This will take you to our First Time User Registration page. Read through our terms then click on the FIRST TIME USERS CLICK HERE button to agree to our conditions.

  • Fill out the New User Registration for ILLiad form with your information, then click SUBMIT INFORMATION. Your account is now ready for use.

Notes on filling in your information:

1. Please do not put in your Z-number in the place of your Owl Card number.

2. You may only use your FAU email address. Due to OIT's current security protocols, only your FAU email address will accept our automated messages. PBSC students should set up text messaging on their account to receive our notifications.

3. You can set up to receive text message notifications by adding your cell phone number to the Email Address field.

  • Example:,
  • Your cell extension can be found here.
  • Be sure to include a comma, but no spaces, between your email address and your cell phone number.
  • Please note text message or data rates may apply. Please contact your service provider for more information.

4. Faculty and staff can use their FAU office address as their mailing address if they prefer.

5. Authorized Users are individuals that you give permission to pick up your ILL holds on your behalf.

6. PBSC South Campus students should mark PBSC South Campus as their Department/Major/Program. If you have not chosen a major, please choose Other.

7. In choosing which campus you would like us to deliver to, please remember that students cannot have campus delivery to Davie, Tower, or Sea Tech campuses. Faculty and staff who have offices at Davie, Tower, and Sea Tech campuses may choose to have their materials delivered to their offices via campus mail. Boca faculty may also choose to have materials delivered to their office. All Boca patrons may choose to have Boca Locker Pickup as their preferred location.

8. In choosing your ILL username, we recommend you use either your Owl Card number or your FAU email address up till the (ex. would be jdoe2).

9. We suggest you choose a password that you can easily remember, write it down and keep it someplace secure, or keep it in a password protected file containing the various passwords that you use.

Please note UBorrow requests are on your FAU Library Card, not your ILL Account.


1. If you are on the Interlibrary Loan webpage, click on Log in | Request a Title. This will take you to the log in screen.


2. Enter your Username and Password, click on LOGON TO ILLIAD.

3. You are now logged onto your ILL Account and are ready to place a request.  If you have any problems, please contact the ILL Office for help.

If you do not remember your password


1. If you remember your Username, then you are able to regain access to your ILL Account at any time.

2. On the Log In screen, click on Forgot Password?

3. Enter your Username in the box and click RESET PASSWORD.

4. You should receive an email to the address listed on your ILL Account that will allow you to regain access.

5. If this does not work, or if you cannot remember your Username, please contact the ILL Office for help.


If you remember your password, but would like to change it

1. First, log onto your ILL Account.

2. Once you are logged on, click on Change Password from the Tools section.

3. Enter your old password, then enter your new password twice. Click on SUBMIT INFORMATION. Please note, passwords are case sensitive.

You can update your User Information on your ILL Account at anytime


1. First, log onto your ILL Account.

2. Once you are logged on, click on Change User Information in the Tools section from the left hand column.

3. This will open your ILL record.  Update or Add any information that you would like on your record, then click on SUBMIT INFORMATION.

4. You can update:

  • Your address information if you have moved
  • Add or adjust your phone number
  • Add a Authorized User
  • Change your FAU Campus Delivery Location
  • Add a new Owl Card number
  • Update your Name after name change
  • Please not change your email address, as due to OIT's current security protocols, only your FAU email address will accept our automated messages

*To update your password, see the Regaining Access tab above.

UBorrow requests are placed using your FAU Library account.


1. To log onto your FAU Library Account, click on Sign In located on the top right of the FAU Catalog webpage.

FAU Catalog webpage

2. Click on the Single Sign-ON link and sign in using your FAU credentials.

Secure sign on link

3. You are now logged onto your FAU Library Account. You should see your name listed in the upper right corner. To view your UBorrow requests, click on your name to open a drop down menu then click on My Requests.

My Requests



How can I receive ILL notices as text messages?

You can receive your ILL Notification via text in addition to an email by logging onto your ILL Account, then selecting User Information from the left menu bar, then and adding your cell phone number to the Email Address field as shown in the following example:

Email Address:,

Please note text messages or data rates may apply.  Please contact your service provider for more information.

Complete notices are sent via text messaging and are truncated to fit character limits. Your provider may send multiple text messages for each notice.

  • Please be aware that all ILL notices include more information than will fit in a standard text message. We encourage you to also check ILL Account and your emailed notices for additional information.
  • We strongly encourage you to continue to receive emailed notices in addition to text messaged notices, and to monitor your ILL Account. Failure to receive any notice does not relieve you of your borrower responsibilities.
  • TO UNSUBSCRIBE from text service, remove your phone number and extension from the Email Address field. Do not remove your email address.