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Florida Statutes and Laws of Florida

Florida Statutes and Laws of Florida Subject Guide

The "Florida Statutes and Laws of Florida" subject guide, meticulously curated by the FAU Government Information and Maps Department, serves as a comprehensive resource hub for accessing the legislative framework and legal landscape of the Sunshine State. Designed to meet the needs of researchers, students, legal professionals, and the general public alike, this guide offers a wealth of resources about Florida's legislative process, statutes, and constitution.

At the heart of the guide are links to the Florida Legislature, providing users with direct access to the official websites of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Here, users can track legislative sessions, committee hearings, and bill proposals, gaining insight into the workings of Florida's lawmaking bodies.

Additionally, the guide offers online access to the Florida Statutes, encompassing current laws from 1997 to the present and historical laws dating back to when Florida was a territory (1822-1845) and beyond (1845+). Users can explore the legal framework governing various aspects of life in Florida, from criminal justice and civil rights to environmental regulations and business practices.

Furthermore, the guide provides online access to the Florida Constitution, allowing users to review the state's foundational principles and governing framework. From the powers and duties of state government to the rights and liberties of its citizens, the Florida Constitution serves as a cornerstone of the state's legal system.

With its comprehensive collection of resources and user-friendly interface, the "Florida Statutes and Laws of Florida" subject guide is invaluable for anyone seeking to understand, navigate, or research Florida's legal landscape. Whether studying law, conducting legal research, or staying informed about state statutes and legislative developments, users will find this guide an indispensable resource for exploring the legal framework of the Sunshine State.

NOTE: This guide is to provide online access points to Florida Laws and the Florida Statutes; we do not offer interpretations of the Florida Laws.

Florida Legislature

The Florida Legislature is the legislature of the U.S. State of Florida. It is organized as a bicameral body composed of an upper chamber, the Senate, and a lower chamber, the House of Representatives. Article III, Section 1 of the Florida Constitution, adopted in 1968, defines the legislature's role and how it should be constituted. The legislature is composed of 160 state legislators (120 in the House and 40 in the Senate). The legislature's primary purpose is to enact new laws and amend or repeal existing ones. It meets in the Florida State Capitol building in Tallahassee.

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