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Open Educational Resources

About Library-Licensed Materials

FAU Libraries Book Stacks

The FAU Libraries owns or has subscriptions to many materials that range from books, eBooks, streaming videos, and more.  FAU instructors can assign these as required readings and embed its permanent URL (PURL) in their Canvas course page.  

Differences between Traditional OER and Library-Licensed Materials 

Traditional OER is freely and openly available, and often with Creative Commons (CC) licenses or other permissions with conditions of use.  Library-licensed materials generally do not have the CC licenses as traditional OER.  When they are available, library-licensed materials can be used in place of commercial textbooks or readings. They can also help affordability by with providing students with zero-cost course readings and materials.

Library-licensed materials are subscription-based with terms and conditions of their use.  Unlike most OER, they are not freely available online.  Library-licensed materials, however, are available to current FAU affiliates.  They can be used as assigned or supplemental learning materials and can be available to students by the first day of a course. 

Examples of Library-Licensed Materials in a Course

  • Ebook:  Multiple FAU College of Nursing courses assign Caring in Nursing Classics (2013) for required readings.  
  • Streaming Video:  A Spanish language instructor of an intermediate-level course assigned students to watch the movie Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes), by Alejandro Amandabar, so they can practice their listening and comprehension skills.  This feature film was available during the semester of this course.
  • Journal Article:  A chemistry professor assigned "The life-cycle of your manuscript: From submission to publication" (Chaitow, 2019) to graduate students to introduce them to norms in submitting manuscripts for publication and the peer-review process.

Availability of Materials

Not all books or videos may be available or can be purchased by the FAU Libraries as library-licensed materials.  Their availability can vary for the following reasons:

  • The business practices of distributors and publishers who provide materials to the Libraries:  The cost of some ebooks or streaming videos can be prohibitively high, while some are not available in online versions.  
  • The Libraries have limits in what they can purchase and from which companies:  For instance, we cannot buy certain formats such as Kindle eBooks and are unable to purchase materials from some providers. 

Contact your library liaison who can assist with identifying availability and your options.

Best Practices and Finding Library-Licensed Materials

Best Practices for Using Library-Licensed Materials

1.  Check the FAU Library Catalog for the availability of materials during the term of your course.  Due to licensing terms and conditions, restrictions may apply:

  • Some eBooks may have restrictions on numbers of simultaneous users (1 to 3 users at a time, or unlimited users).
  • Streaming videos may only be available for a limited term (1 year).
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change.

2.  Embed its durable or permanent URL (PURL) in your Canvas page.  Instead of using the web address in your web browser for a source, look for its PURL.  The PURL will work while the web browser address may work only for the time you viewed it.

For more guidance on embedding LLMs into your Canvas page, see Faculty Resources and Services Guide - Link to Resources.

3.  Consult with your library liaison if you need assistance.  Your departmental librarian can assist or identify your options with the following:

  • See if unlimited simultaneous user access is available for an eBook.
  • Extend availability for a streaming video.
  • Identify library materials or other OER that can be used in your course.

Search the FAU Libraries Collections

Contact Your Liaison or Get Help

Other Collections of the FAU Libraries

Did you know the FAU Libraries has its own digital collections?  Use materials from these collections as assigned or supplemental readings.