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Open Educational Resources

OER Meta-Search Tools and Repositories

Adopt and Find OERFemale and male at PC, by Mars Sector-6.  Permission by Unsplash license. 

OER meta-finders compile the collections of various OER repositories.  Explore these to see find OERs ranging from textbooks and exercises to instructor-created materials.  The FAU Libraries offers assistance through its library liaisons; find yours for your department or college.

OER Repositories:  See the following sites for OER in a variety of formats.

Assistance for the FAU Campus:  Contact your college or department's library liaison to assist.  

OER Textbooks

Web Content

Public Domain Works

Public domain works are those that are free of copyright.  They can be used without permission for teaching and scholarly purposes.  

Recommended:  check on any copyright information that may be available on any work of interest to be sure it is actually in the public domain, and document it.

Web Sites and Meta-Lists

Books and Texts

Images and Museums

Music (Sound, Sheet Music)


OpenCourseWare Resources

The OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement began in the United States with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002.  This movement is university driven, and is focused on making the educational course materials that have been created by faculty available outside of the institution. The materials available vary by course, professor and semester posted.  Materials can include syllabi,  written lectures, assignments, readings, videotaped lectures, and audio lectures.