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This summer, we are working to upgrade the research experience by making ongoing improvements to our Research Guides.
You may encounter changes in the look and feel of the Research Guides website along with structural changes to our existing guides. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please let us know.

Faculty Resources & Services Guide

Linking in Canvas, PowerPoint, and Other Electronic Sources - USE A PERMALINK

Keys to linking to electronic resources:   

  • Copy a durable URL (or permalink) whenever possible. If the link you copied already includes the EZproxy prefix, you do NOT need to add it again). 
  • Where is Permalink located?
    • Look at the Right Side Bottom of the article report (listing article information - not the actual article itself), to find the Permalink. Copy it and use it. 
    • Look for an icon denoting a durable URL (also may be referred to as a bookmark URL or permalink).
  • Add the OffCampus Connect URL ( before the resource URL if it is not already shown. This is also necessary for links in Canvas.

Book Title:   Cell Biology
Author:  Pollard, Thomas D.

Bookmark URL:

URL with Off Campus Connect Prefix:

Use Link Maker (see box to the right) to easily add the Off Campus Connect prefix to a permalink to an ebook, electronic journal, DOI, or other types of FAU Libraries online materials, if needed. 

Proxy URL Link Maker for [OpenAthens] and for [EZproxy]

Use Link Generator for OpenAthens.

Use Link Maker for EZproxy to easily add the Off Campus Connect prefix to the front of a permalink to an ebook, electronic journal, DOI, or other digital object.   

Link Maker can also be used to create links to online resources to use course management software, web pages, online syllabi, and other online platforms. These links will allow seamless off-campus access.

HINT: Make certain that the link you add to the box includes http:// or https://. 

Linking Specific Types of FAU Libraries Resources

Due to copyright and other barriers, please do NOT embed a PDF file or other full-text sources (e.g., e-book or journal article) directly into your LMS (Learning Management System). 

Here are some options available to provide access to a materialsfrom FAU Libraries:

Link to Catalog Record:   

  • Within the Library Catalog, click on the title of the item in the catalog.
  • Right click on "permalink" just above the title of the item.
  • Choose to either copy the "shortcut" or copy the "link," depending upon which browser you are using.
  • Paste this link into your learning tool. This will take users back to the catalog entry. 

Link to an E-book Instructions:   

  • Within the Library Catalog, click on the hyperlink for "Read this eBook" or "Off-campus access limited to current FAU students & employees” for the specific book
  • If off campus and not logged into Off Campus Connect, user will be prompted to sign in with their FAUNet ID and password.
  • Ebook interface varies depending upon the vendor.
  • There may be a limit on the number of persons who may use an ebook at one time. Ebook connections will automatically timeout if ebook is not being used, allowing other user(s) to log in and use it.
  • Printing or saving a limited number of pages may be allowed.
  • If available, users can create an account using their FAU email address, then log in to highlight, create notes, or do other activities within the ebook.

Link to a Database:

  • Choose the Databases tab from within the blue search box on the library home page.
  • Either type in the database name in the search box and click "Enter", or click on "Browse Databases by title" directly beneath the search box.
  • Locate the database to which you want to link; click on the share icon  to the right of the database title.
  • Copy and past the link into Canvas, your web browser, or any other app you like.. 
  • Links copied in this manner already contain the Off Campus Connect URL, so they can be directly pasted into a Canvas LMS page or other tool.

Link to a Journal:

  • Choose Journals from the tab at the top of the blue box on the library home page.
  • Enter enter the journal name in the search box.
  • If the journal is available, a list with its title, available dates, and the publisher or source from which we receive the journal will appear.
  • Right click on the journal source link, and then copy and paste it into your teaching aid.
  • Make certain that the Off Campus Connect URL appears at the front of the journal URL. If needed, use LinkMaker to add one.

Link to a specific article:

  • Due to copyright and other barriers, DO NOT embed PDF file or other full-text source directly into your learning tool.
  • Provide a direct link to the full text of an article subscribed to by FAU.
  • Use the permalink for the article, when available.
  • If unavailable, right click on the hyperlinked title to the article and copy the hyperlink, then paste it into your teaching aid. 
  • Make certain that the Off Campus Connect URL appears at the front of the journal URL. If needed, use LinkMaker to add one.
  • OR use Assignment Builder, an external tool within Canvas, to add links to articles, websites, and more. 

Link to Streaming Video from FAU Libraries:

  • ​From within the Library Catalog, copy the hyperlinked URL from below the video title (usually looks like "FAU: Off-campus access limited to current FAU students & employees).
  • If off campus and not logged into Off Campus Connect, user will be prompted to sign in with their FAUNet ID and password.
  • Embedded streaming videos may experience some access lag time, so it is recommended to hyperlink to FAU streaming videos instead of embedding them.

Link to Digital Collections:

  • Locate the items you wish to link to from within the Digital Library Collection.
  • Copy the PURL (permanent URL) from beneath the item's title. 
  • If you have questions or cannot find the PURL, contact Joanne Parandjuk ( of Digital Collections to obtain a PURL  for the item you wish to link.

Link to an RSS Feed From an Electronic Journal:


  • If students are having trouble linking to material, check for an Off Campus Connect prefix attached to the URL of the link.
  • Make certain that the Off Campus Connect URL appears at the front of the journal URL. If needed, use LinkMaker to add one.
  • If students are having trouble accessing the materials, advise students to login to Off Campus Connect from the library homepage. Contact your Subject Librarian or Department Liaison for additional assistance to resolve the problem.
  • For assistance with library resources in Canvas, contact the Instruction and Engagement Services office at (561) 297-3785.
  • For technical assistance or other problems with Canvas, contact OIT Help Desk at (561) 297-3999, or visit


  • According to FAU OIT's Canvas FAQs, Canvas can be used with the last two versions of every browser release.  Instructors are highly recommended to have the latest updates of their preferred browsers and also have the most up-to-date Flash plug-in.
  • Canvas supports these popular web browsers and versions of Flash (as of October 18, 2016):
    • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.
    • Chrome 52 and 53
    • Safari 9 and 10
    • Firefox 48 and 49 (Extended Releases are not supported)
    • Flash 22 and 23 (used for recording or viewing audio/video and uploading files)
    • Respondus Lockdown Browser (supporting the latest system requirements 

Authenication to Use FAU Online Resources

FAU Libraries uses two authentication systems to verify that users have permissions to access our electronic resources.

See our information on the Off Campus Connect page (or click below) to learn more about the new OpenAthens and legacy EZproxy systems.

Off Campus Connect

Access to our licensed Electronic Resources off campus
Many of the electronic resources offered by the FAU Libraries are restricted to currently registered students, staff, and faculty of the University. When connecting to these services from off campus you are required to let the system know you are currently affiliated with FAU. Please click on the OpenAthens link below to log into OpenAthens in order to access our licensed resources.
OpenAthens (New)
OpenAthens is replacing EZproxy as the primary tool to access licensed electronic resources off-campus.
Most licensed resources are now available in OpenAthens
Please visit the FAU Libraries OpenAthens' Homepage to learn more about this new service and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our OpenAthens contact form.
EZproxy (Legacy)
EZproxy is now being replaced with Openathens as the primary tool to access our Electronic Resources off-campus.
We are transitioning from EZproxy to OpenAthens. It is recommended to use OpenAthens when possible.
If you are unable to connect through EZproxy, please fill out the Off Campus Connect (EZproxy) issues form.
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