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Primary Sources: America (U.S.A.) History

The Spanish-American War fought in 1898, was a brief but pivotal conflict between the United States and Spain, primarily over Spanish colonial rule in Cuba. Sparked by sensationalist journalism and public outrage over Spain's brutal suppression of Cuban independence movements, the war saw significant battles like the naval engagement in Manila Bay and the decisive Battle of San Juan Hill. The Treaty of Paris ended the conflict, granting Cuba independence while ceding Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines to the United States. The war marked America's emergence as a global power and intensified debates over imperialism and interventionism.

The Spanish-American Primary Source Subject Guide offers a curated selection of original documents, letters, and accounts, providing insight into the historical events and cultural exchanges between Spain and the United States. Through firsthand sources, readers explore the complexities and impacts of this pivotal period in transatlantic relations.

Book Sources on the Spanish-American War 

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Online Resources - Spanish-American War  

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