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Primary Sources: America (U.S.A.) History

The Indian Wars encompass a series of conflicts spanning centuries between Native American tribes and European settlers, colonial militias, and later, the United States government. These conflicts arose from competing interests over land, resources, and cultural differences. From early colonial encounters to the 19th-century expansion westward, Native Americans faced displacement, violence, and forced relocation from their ancestral lands. Notable battles include the Wounded Knee Massacre and the Battle of Little Bighorn. The Indian Wars left a legacy of trauma, broken treaties, and loss for Native peoples, reshaping their societies and profoundly influencing the course of American history and indigenous relations.

The American-Indian Wars Primary Source Subject Guide provides a curated collection of original documents, treaties, and firsthand accounts, shedding light on the conflicts between indigenous peoples and the United States settlers. Through government reports, military records, and personal narratives, readers gain insight into the complex and often tragic interactions that shaped the history of the American frontier.

Book Sources: Indian Wars

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Online Sources: Indian Wars

Videos - Indian Wars (America) 

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