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Legal Resources

FAU Libraries provide electronic access to an extensive array of law journals, catering to diverse research interests and academic pursuits. These journals encompass various legal topics, from constitutional law to international law, offering in-depth analyses, case reviews, and scholarly commentary. Users benefit from the convenience of electronic access, allowing seamless browsing and retrieval of articles from anywhere with internet connectivity. Moreover, the electronic format enables advanced search capabilities, efficiently exploring specific topics, cases, or authors.

The availability of law journals electronically through FAU Libraries ensures access to current and historical content, fostering interdisciplinary research and promoting scholarly discourse within the legal community. Furthermore, users can leverage citation tracking and document downloading tools to enhance their research efficiency and productivity. Whether pursuing academic research, professional development, or staying abreast of legal trends, the electronic law journals accessible through FAU Libraries serve as invaluable resources for students, faculty, legal practitioners, and researchers.

To find a specific academic journal, use the Journal Finder link and enter the journal-title.