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Legal Resources

Explore the Legal Resources Subject Guide, a comprehensive repository offered through Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Libraries, catering to students, researchers, and legal professionals alike. This guide is a gateway to invaluable databases and resources and is designed to facilitate access to a vast array of legal materials.

This guide's heart lies in access to indispensable databases such as ProQuest Congressional, which provide extensive coverage of legislative documents, hearings, and reports, which are crucial for understanding the legislative process and its implications. HeinOnline is another cornerstone, offering a rich collection of legal research materials, including law journals, historical statutes, and treaties. The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) also furnishes information on criminal justice policies, practices, and research.

Notably, the Legal Resources Subject Guide encompasses Florida-specific resources, including the Florida Statutes and Laws of Florida, empowering users with insights into state laws and regulations. Moreover, it provides access points to Government Information at FAU Libraries, enabling exploration of federal and state government publications and enhancing research capabilities on governmental affairs.

It's crucial to underscore that while this guide offers extensive access to legal information, it is not a substitute for a law library. Users should be aware that FAU Libraries do not provide legal advice. Instead, this guide serves as a robust platform for legal research, enabling users to delve into diverse legal topics and access essential resources conveniently.

In summary, the Legal Resources Subject Guide through FAU Libraries is an indispensable tool for anyone navigating the complex landscape of legal research. Its wealth of databases, including ProQuest Congressional, HeinOnline, and NCJRS, coupled with resources such as the Florida Statutes and Laws of Florida, offers a comprehensive framework for exploring legal matters.