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Legal Resources

Class K in the Library of Congress Classification system organizes legal subjects, offering a structured framework within the FAU Libraries for accessing legal literature. At FAU Libraries, materials within Class K – Law, including its various subclasses, are readily available to support research and study the field of law. Below are some basic K-Classification areas for a more detailed breakdown. See the Library of Congress Classification for Class K.

For instance, researchers can find resources on general principles of law, comparative law, and jurisprudence within Class K.

  • KB through KBT: Religious Law
    • Jewish law (KBM)
    • Islamic law (KBP).
  • Geographical Regions and Legal Systems (KD through KZ)
    • United States (KF)
      • Constitutional Law: KF4550
      • Florida Law: KFF25
    • Latin America (KG)
    • Europe (KJ-KKZ)
    • Law of Nations (KZ).

The following is a partial list of subject headings related to Legal Resources that can be used to locate books and other items in the FAU Libraries Catalog.

  • Commercial law
  • Constitutional law
  • Courts
  • Law and legislation
  • Law--United States

At FAU Libraries, these materials can be accessed through the FAU Libraries Catalog, online databases, and physical collections. The libraries provide a comprehensive selection of legal literature, ensuring that students, faculty, and researchers have access to diverse legal resources to support their academic and professional endeavors.

Below, you will find a sample of the Book Titles that pertain to the Law and Legal subject areas.