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Electronic Journals vs. Indexes/Databases

Are you trying to decide whether to use our Electronic Journals vs. Databases?

Go to Electronic Journals when you have a specific citation or reference, or are looking want to search in a particular journal e.g.:

Morales-Beltran, Mauricio, Andrew Charleson, and Elif E. Aydin, "Sawtooth Method for Teaching Seismic Design Principles to Architecture Students," Journal of Architectural Engineering 26, no. 1 (March 2020): 04019031-1-14,

Go to Databases when you have a research topic and know which database you would like to use, e.g.:

Check the top left of the A-Z Databases page and click on "All Subjects," and then on "Art & Architecture" to find related databases, with their journals and journal articles.

Go to OneSearch when you have a research topic and either want to search multiple databases at once OR don't know which database to use, e.g.:

seismic design AND sawtooth method

Off Campus Connect

If you are using FAU's online resources from off campus, please authenticate yourself for Off Campus access through Off Campus Connect.

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Journals

Scholarly journals have articles written by researchers who are considered experts in a field. These journals are also known as "peer-reviewed," "refereed" or "academic" journals.  Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a scholarly journal. Popular magazines have articles written by writers or journalists. Time or Newsweek are examples of popular journals.

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