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Scholarly Publishing

Choose a Journal or Publisher

Consult a journal directory to find a journal's publishing information, search by publishing criteria, and confirm its legitimacy. A directory can address the following:

  • A journal's review process
  • Its bibliometrics (journal impact factor, CiteScore, etc.)
  • Where it is indexed
  • A journal's audience, aim and scope
  • Its publication history

Consult a disciplinary index to review publications vetted by societies or other organizations. Many of these indexes also allow you to find research and publishing venues based on citations, references or funding.

Publishers and other organizations have developed new services that assist authors in targeting or narrowing down a group of appropriate journals for publication. These services use different search engines and  vary according to the size and scope of their source databases. 

Publisher Tools

The journal author pages will have the most complete information regarding aims & scope and the submission process. Links to some of the major academic publishers are listed below

Open Access Publishing Agreements with FAU

Transformative agreements between commercial, scholarly publishers and academic entities are increasing.  These agreements can also be known as read and publish agreements or similar terms.  When an author is affiliated with an institution or system, the cost of publishing their work in a publisher's open access journals may be waived or receive a discount.

Determine Journal Quality

Journals can be qualitatively evaluated by their information and attributes.  Check a journal's web site for "About" to see the following to determine a journal's qualities, and if it is a good fit for your topic:

  • Aim and scope
  • Rates of acceptance
  • Time between submission to publication
  • Peer review process
  • Editors and editorial board
  • Where it is indexed
  • Bibliometrics (e.g., Journal Impact Factor, CiteScore)
  • Open Access (OA) availability
  • Author Processing Charges (for OA journals)

See this example from Review of Educational Research (RER):

Review of Educational Research Journal Information

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