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Scholarly Communication Services - Scholarly Publishing: Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly disciplines have their own preferred or accepted means of communication. In the humanities, books or monographs are the most common types of publications created by their scholars, while many STEM disciplines emphasize journal articles.  Other types of publications may include data sets, conference proceedings, poster presentations, and white papers.  Regardless of disciplinary norms, knowledge of the publication process is important for academics to successfully communicate and distribute their work.  

An emerging aspect of publishing is for authors to retain some rights to their works, particularly journal articles or similar works published by scholarly publishers like Sage, Elsevier, or Wiley.  Author rights are agreements created between authors and publishers so that authors can retain some rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, or display their work for non-commercial purposes.  See the links on this page for more information and for securing your retention of rights for your published work.

Additional topics respond to the concern of the rise of Open Access publishers that use questionable means of soliciting manuscripts and peer review processes.  Predatory / Deceptive Publishers provides guidance to determine whether or not a publisher may be questionable.


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