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Welcome to the Primates research guide! The goal is to support student research in primatology with easy to access FAU library resources in this subject. 

  • Famous Faces of Anthropology: This page features three renowned primatologists who formed the bedrock of  western primatology, it also takes a closer looks at what it means to be a primatologist. 
  • Get Articles: This page will guide students in how best to access articles relevant to the field. 
  • Browse Journals: This page is dedicated to featuring Journal titles that are relevant to their field of study. 
  • Find Books: This page contains tips and tricks for finding books on primates in the library's collection.
  • Web Sites: This page offers free and easily accessed reputable online sources that may be used in research. It also walks students through best practices in web site evaluation. 

Primatology at FAU



In much the same way that Ring home security cameras capture both mundane and extraordinary events, strategically placed camera traps have uncovered the mysterious behavior of an elusive species of African monkey – Cercopithecus lomamiensis, commonly known as the “lesula.” With its large human-like eyes, golden mane and pink face, this cryptic species was discovered in 2012 in the central Congo Basin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Because of the lesula’s mysterious behavior, traditional observational methods in the field are challenging.... click to read full article

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