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EUH 6939: English Civil War (1640 - 1660)

The English Civil War Unknown artist's depiction of King Charles I's  execution, ppt download

A c. 1649 painting showing the execution of Charles I of England (r. 1625-1649) in London on 30 January 1649. By Jan Weesop. (Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh) from the World History Encyclopedia 

"English Civil Wars, also called Great Rebellion, (1642–51), fighting that took place in the British Isles between supporters of the monarchy of Charles I (and his son and successor, Charles II) and opposing groups in each of Charles’s kingdoms, including Parliamentarians in England, Covenanters in Scotland, and Confederates in Ireland. The English Civil Wars are traditionally considered to have begun in England in August 1642, when Charles I raised an army against the wishes of Parliament, ostensibly to deal with a rebellion in Ireland. But the period of conflict actually began earlier in Scotland, with the Bishops’ Wars of 1639–40, and in Ireland, with the Ulster rebellion of 1641. Throughout the 1640s, the war between king and Parliament ravaged England, but it also struck all of the kingdoms held by the house of Stuart—and, in addition to war between the various British and Irish dominions, there was a civil war within each of the Stuart states. For this reason, the English Civil Wars might more properly be called the British Civil Wars or the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The wars finally ended in 1651 with the flight of Charles II to France and, with him, the hopes of the British monarchy." Ohlmeyer, J. H.. "English Civil Wars." Encyclopedia Britannica 

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