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Finding Congressional Hearings and Legislative Information

The Boca Campus will no longer house the print editions of the Congressional Hearings, but they are available in digital format at the FAU libraries.

The ProQuest Congressional Database, accessible through FAU Libraries, stands as a cornerstone resource for researchers, scholars, policymakers, and students, offering unparalleled access to a vast repository of legislative and governmental documents. This comprehensive database aggregates an extensive collection of congressional publications, including bills, resolutions, hearings, reports, and congressional records dating back to the late 18th century. Users can explore the evolution of legislative policy, track the progress of bills, and conduct in-depth research on various topics, from healthcare and education to foreign affairs and environmental policy.

Moreover, the ProQuest Congressional Database provides unique functionalities, such as advanced search options, citation tools, and access to supplementary materials, enhancing the research experience and facilitating the discovery of relevant information. Additionally, the database offers valuable insights into the legislative process, political dynamics, and historical contexts shaping U.S. governance, enriching scholarly inquiry and public discourse.

Through the ProQuest Congressional Database, FAU Libraries offer students and researchers a gateway to authoritative and comprehensive congressional information, fostering critical thinking, academic excellence, and civic engagement. Access to this valuable resource empowers users to navigate the complexities of American politics, contribute to informed policymaking, and deepen their understanding of the nation's legislative history and democratic institutions.

Gain exclusive access to the vast legislative history and government documents provided by the ProQuest Congressional Database, which is accessible solely to FAU users. Remote access requires FAU username and password credentials, enabling researchers to delve into many congressional publications, encompassing hearings, reports, bills, laws, and more. However, for public users, access is restricted to within FAU Libraries, attainable via a guest login. 

To find out which Congressional District you live in, go to For a profile of your district, visit the helpful Census Bureau web page My Congressional District.

Within the ProQuest Congressional Database, you will have access to more than just Congressional Hearings. You have access to the following kinds of Legislative & Executive Publications:

  • Hearings: 1824-Present
  • CRS Reports: 1916-Present
  • House and Senate Documents/Reports: 1917-Present
  • Legislative Histories: 1969-Present
  • Bills and Laws: 1776-Present
  • Miscellaneous Publications: 1789-Present
  • Vote Reports: 1987-Present
  • Maps: 1789-2007
  • Congressional Record: 1789-Present
  • Presidential Materials: 1789-Present

If you need to do further research on Congressional Policy Issues you can check out the following database:

Search Tips- Basic Search

Congressional Hearings 1824-2015 can be searched by numbers:

1. Legislation Citation:

  • Bill Number (e.g. 104 H.Res 464)                                          
  • Public Law Number (e.g. 107 PL 15)
  • Statute at Large (e.g. 98 Stat 1331)                                    
  • Public Resolution (e.g. 4)
  • Vote Report (Roll Call Number, e.g. Roll Vote No. 87)    
  • US Code Citation (e.g. 7 USC § 1621)

2. Bibliographic Citations:

  • Publication Number (e.g. H.Rpt.108 34)
  • SuDoc Number (e.g. Y4.Ag8/1:1020-9)
  • Accession Number (e.g. 97-S961-19)
  • Serial Set Volumes (e.g. 1200 or 12688-2)

3. Congressional Record Citations:

  • Congressional Record Page Citation with Volume (e.g. Vol (1 III) Page Range (134,12-38, not XIVa)
  • Daily Edition to Bound Edition Cross Reference (e.g. 141 (1995) H-House 14873)
  • Date 
  • Congressional Bound Index Volumes by Congress

Search Tips- Advanced Search

ProQuest Advanced

Congressional Hearings 1824-Present can be searched by one of the fields in the drop-down box:

1. Subject;

2. Titles;

3. Congressional Sources;

4. Witness Name allows searching by first and last name of the witness; 

5. Witness Affiliation search by company name, educational institution or association;

6. All fields Except Full Text is the default setting in the search field box that provides the most precise search;

7. All fields including full Text is used when more hits are required. Some witness may not be listed as a witness by name because they were not the witness officially invited to the hearing, they do not have a standard name or they are a fictional character.

8. Restricted Date or Specific Congress provides a more precise search.


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