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Finding Images

What is Pexels?

What is Pexels?

Pexels is a website offering free high quality images under the Pexels license. Attribution to a creator is appreciated but not required. 

Where do I find Pexels? 

Pexels is a freely available resource accessible via the web. 

What is the direct link? 

How Do I Find Images in Pexels?

To search for images on Pexels:

1. Use the main search box with a keyword (or more). Here "ultrasound" is our example. 

2. Adjust to narrow results according to photo or video format 

3. Pexels offers the ability to filter images based on visual orientation, image size, and main color scheme. 

4. Options presented as "bubble tabs" are not ways to filter your results but are collections of images related to the keyword(s). Scan to see if any may be useful to pursue. Here we see collections of images for "medical," "doctor," and "hospital" that show potential (TIP: open any  promising collections in a new tab so they can be easily closed when done searching the results. Since each new collection will also present various collections related to it, this is an easy way to keep track of all the terms that catch your eye and ensure you are searching comprehensively.) 

Use the "Explore" dropdown to "discover photos" or browse "popular searches." 


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