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Finding Images

What is Google Images?



What is Google Images?

Google Images is a search engine tailored specifically to find images on the Internet. Crediting an image should be assumed: use the usage rights tool and always check each image's license for crediting details. 

Where do I find Google Images?

Google Images is a freely available resource accessible via the web. 

What is the direct link? 

For basic Google Image searches: 

For advanced Google Image searches: 

How Do I Find Images in Google Images?

To search for images in Google Images:

For a basic search (images 1 & 2) 

1. From, enter your keyword(s) into the search box, then on the results page (shown in image one),

2. Narrow to "images."

3.  Navigate to usage rights by selecting "tools."

4. In the new drop down navigation bar, click "usage rights"

5. The results list defaults to "all," click a different license to narrow your results to images with the particular license details attached (see box on usage rights definition to determine which license fits your needs.)


For an advanced search (image 3):

1. From, fill in the search box(es) with your keyword(s). 

2. Use the fields to narrow your search. 

3. Choose a usage right to search. Results are defaulted to return all images, however additional details on usage rights can be seen in the usage right box on this page to help you determine which one is the best fit for your needs.  


Basic Search:




Advanced Search: 

Are There Google Image Usage Rights?

Types of usage rights

  • Creative Commons licenses: These images are usually free to use, but require credit. They may also have limitations on how, or in what context, you can use them. For example, an image’s license might state that you can’t modify it or use it for commercial purposes.
  • Commercial or other licenses: These images have non-Creative Commons licenses and can be from either free sites or commercial sites that require payment.

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