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Software Help & Training: Which Program Do I Need?

Learn how to use Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint at your own pace. Refresh your memory of how to do a particular task. Check back often - new help pages are under construction for the Adobe programs and other popular software packages

Software Types

  • Programs include:
    • Word, WordPerfect, Jarte, etc.
  • Add formatting effects
  • Add simple graphics
  • Citations assistance
  • Collaborate with others on one document
  • Create legal documents
  • Create long documents
  • Create Table of Contents and Index
  • Use themes
  • Use XML to create searchable and reusable elements
  • Programs include:
    • Excel, Calc, Gnumeric, etc.
  • Organize data in 2-Dimensions
  • Best with numbers
  • Easy to learn basics
  • Create Charts and Graphs
  • Statistical calculations
  • Financial calculations
  • Analyze numerical data
  • Use PivotTables to change how columns and rows of data are related
  • Programs include:
    • PowerPoint, Prezi, Slide Rocket, etc.
  • Presentations and Research Posters
  • Import graphics, pictures and videos
  • Automatic slide shows with music
  • Add audio (voice) to presentations
  • Create slideshows/timed presentations
  • Sell Ideas
  • Programs include:
    • Access, Kexi, Glom, etc.
  • Organize data in 3-Dimensions
  • Looks at the relationships between pieces of data
  • Use any kind of data
  • Store data in one place, then reference it anywhere
  • Create multiple relationships between pieces of data
  • Link one piece of data to multiple items
  • Find trends and patterns
  • Create forms and reports
  • Programs inlclude:
    • Publisher, InDesign, Hallmark Card Studio, etc.
  • Create Ephemera:  fliers, posters, newsletters, banners, greeting cards, business cards
  • Create basic web sites
  • Create professional quality marketing materials and publications
  • Create graphically rich publications
  • Design publications to be printed commercially
  • Formatted for easy page layouts
  • Formatted for easy creation of ephemera