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COVID-19 Resources

Guide focusing on resources to gain additional information regarding COVID-19.

What are These Terms & Why Are They Important?

What activities can I do while Social Distancing/Isolating?

Try a neighborhood walk or explore a local park! Some suggestions are below but another great option is to check out GoogleMaps and scan for the "green areas." You may find a hidden gem you never knew was so close to you. Home Page

  • Some trails may be closed due to local ordinances, please check before heading out. 

State Parks:

Palm Beach County:

Broward County:


Discover new art, culture, and places. 

Below is a selection of museums from around the world featuring artifacts, sculptures, paintings from various cultures. What other museums can you discover? 

If you are unable to place a hold on a physical book to pick up at your local library, there are some virtual options to find and check out e-books: 

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