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Urban and Regional Planning

Subject Guide for Urban and Regional Planning

The Urban and Regional Planning Guide, curated by the FAU Libraries, is a comprehensive resource hub for students, researchers, and urban and regional planning professionals. This guide offers a curated collection of materials, databases, and tools to support scholarly exploration and analysis within the dynamic realm of urban planning.

As users navigate through the guide, they encounter meticulously organized tabs, each providing a unique pathway for exploration:

1. Discover Books: Dive into a diverse collection of resources available through the library catalog, encompassing seminal works, specialized monographs, primary sources, and reference materials. This section ensures access to both physical holdings and electronic resources, offering a broad spectrum of perspectives on urban and regional planning topics.

2. Access Articles: Engage with scholarly articles from leading urban and regional planning journals through direct links to databases or comprehensive online collections. These databases house a wealth of literature, including peer-reviewed articles, essays, and reviews, allowing users to engage deeply with current research trends and discourse.

3. Explore Journals: Immerse yourself in urban and regional planning scholarship by exploring dedicated scholarly journals covering various topics, theories, and methodologies. This section provides direct access to reputable journals authored by professionals within the field, offering valuable insights, analysis, and perspectives.

4. Web Resources: Discover credible online sources, including reputable organizations, digital repositories, and multimedia resources focused on urban and regional planning. Users can access valuable information, data sets, and multimedia materials to enrich their research and understanding of urban planning issues.

This comprehensive guide empowers users to engage in scholarly inquiry, research, and critically analyze contemporary urban and regional planning issues. Whether pursuing academic research, professional practice, or personal enrichment, the Urban and Regional Planning Guide is invaluable for navigating the complexities of urban planning theory and practice. For additional help with library navigation or research questions, users are encouraged to contact a librarian dedicated to supporting their academic journey.

Local Beginnings

This box will start you out with examples of planning right here at FAU.

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