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Science Student Helps

Supplemental Instructional Sites for Science Students

Chemistry Instructional Sites and other Chemistry Sites

FAU General Chemistry for Health Sciences Lab Manuals

These lab manuals were created and designed by FAU's Dr. Ozlem Yavuz-Petrowski and Dr. Abigail Perkins. The Open Education Resource (OER) manuals are for FAU's eDesigned CHM 2032L General Chemistry for Health Sciences Fully Online Laboratory Course.
Dig in to these manuals, and also check out the FAU Stem Research Group for Digital Laboratory Learning. Scroll down their page to see the In the News events, future events, and links to past presentations and publications.

Open Textbooks for Chemistry and Additional Virtual Labs

Use these Open Textbooks to gain additional information, reinforce concepts, find explanations in a new way, etc. These are FREE to use and download. Find more Open Chemistry Textbooks here. See other resources for learning below.

Fun Site (but still good content)

Chemistry Structures, Handbooks, and Information Sources

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