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Modern/Contemporary Art

One of the biggest problems that individuals have with websites is that they are not sure that the content that they receive is accurate. 

If you are not using one of the "Electronic Databases" listed in the FAU Libraries Electronic Collection, you need to consider some of the following questions when evaluating information from the Internet (CRAAP test):

  1. How current is the information? (timeliness and updating of information)
  2. How relevant is the information to my topic? (uniqueness and appropriateness to your topic)
  3. How authoritative is the source of information? (who is the author, is it clearly stated, is there contact information?)
  4. How accurate is the information? (reliability, honesty and indisputable facts)
  5. What is the purpose of the website? (Is there bias or is it a commercial site?)

Also visit our Website Evaluation guide

Here are some links to reliable sites that will help you with your evaluation:

Cornell Web Evaluation Website

UC Berkeley Web Evaluation Tips

John Hopkins Evaluating Sources on the Internet

Art and Design Websites

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