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Medical Mobile Apps

COM Provided Resources

 AirServer Connect

iOS | Android

Use in the PBL Rooms to mirror your iPad to the display screen. 


   iClicker Reef

iOS | Android

Answer questions during polling sessions using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap to provide your answer and recieve instant feedback. After class, access the saved REEF Polling questions to study for a quiz or exam. Access codes provided by COM. Please contact for assistance if needed. 

Recommended apps

‚Äč Doceri Interactive White Board

iOS | Android 

Turn your iPad into a whiteboard. Best used with a stylus or pen. 


iOS | Android 

Quickly provide patients with accurate and easy-to-understand custom illustrations to help them understand medical conditions and procedures. 



iOS | Android 

Play an in-class review game using this app as your clicker. All you need is a game code from the professor. 

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