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Subject Guide for History

History Subject Guide Library of Congress Subject Headings

Shelf surfing indeed offers an invaluable approach to uncovering books that may not be readily apparent in the catalog. When seeking books covering the extensive history of humankind, understanding where to locate them on the shelf can significantly enhance your exploration. Below are call numbers sorted by subject, guiding you to the sections where books on world history and the history of specific regions can be found:

  • World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.: Books encompassing global history, as well as the histories of specific continents and regions, can typically be found under call numbers starting with D through DS. Specifically:

    • D: General and world history.
    • DA-DR: History of Europe.
    • DS: History of Asia.
    • DT: History of Africa.
    • DU-DX: History of Oceania, including Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.
  • History of the Americas: Works focusing on the history of the Americas, including North, Central, and South America, are usually classified under call numbers starting with E through F. Specifically:

    • E: History of the United States.
    • F: History of the Americas, including regions such as Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

By utilizing these call numbers and understanding the subject classifications, you can effectively navigate the library shelves to discover a rich array of literature covering the extensive history of humankind, from global perspectives to detailed examinations of specific regions and continents.

FAU History Faculty Authored Books

More Books in the area of History.  

Below is a small sample of book titles on historical topics that can be found through the FAU Libraries.