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Primary Sources: Historical European Newspapers

Welcome to Historical European Nations Newspapers Primary Source Guide

托福阅读真题:Newspapers in Western Europe阅读思路解析 - 知乎

Welcome to this European Nations Historical Newspapers Subject Guide. The newspapers that are presented are from digital collections that have been curated by others and uploaded to the internet. Some of the Newspaper runs may be missing issues or date ranges.

The dates of coverage are included in an entry for a newspaper.  Also, the dates of coverage were correct when they were added to the entry, but may have changed since they were recorded. 

While this guide does provide a substantial list of newspaper titles to be accessed online, this is not to say that there is not more out there. (If you come across a newspaper title on the web and feel it should be added to this guide feel free to email me. The site must be a free site, not locked down behind a paywall.)