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Grants and Grant Writing

Use Library Databases to Identify Funders

Search for Funders

Did you know that some library databases can help identify funding sources for various types of research?  

Use their search features, limiters, and full records of articles to do this.  Use the tabs to find examples. 

A publication can also provide that information.

Journal articles will often include disclosures for grant or foundation funding that supported their research.

In this sample search for published research on Everglades restoration, the Web of Science list of results includes a section, "Refine Results."  Its "Funding Agencies" option identifies agencies and organizations that funded this research.  NSF and SFWMD are the top 2 on this list.  Additional ones can be viewed by selecting "See all."  

Web of Science Funding Agencies example

Find an article on a research topic of interest, then check its full record for "Grant support" which lists agencies that funded the research.

The grant number search field has 4 parts which are explained on this PubMed help page, while grant acronyms and number information can be found on this National Library of Medicine page

PubMed Grant Support Example


Articles, Journals and Organizations

The following sources may lead to information on grants and funding.  Create email alerts or RSS feeds for these to follow information and to receive updates on grants.


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