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Grants and Grant Writing

Identifying Grants and Funders

Grant seekers should be aware of the various agencies and organizations that fund research through grants and other awards.  It is important to identify grant funders whose funding priorities match your research or scholarly activity.  Grant guides, such as the ones listed below, are helpful in identifying these and their available grants, but use multiple means of identifying grants and their funders:

  • Explore the published research sponsored by a funder.  When reading journal articles and other research publications, look for information on its funding or awarded grants.  Published articles will include funder information.  See the page, "Grant Information in the Library," for publications available through the FAU Libraries.
  • Browse professional journals or other publications.  Announcements for grants or other funding sources may be found in these.  For instance, The Chronicle of Higher Education provides the "Private Giving" and "Deadlines" sections for grants and awards announcements.
  • Check within your field.  Funding may be announced through social media, listservs, professional conferences or other ways.  Colleagues may also provide information.

How to Search for a Grant

See other videos at's YouTube page!

Local Sources of Grant and Foundation Information

See the following community sources of grant information that includes online directories, workshops, and more.

Federal, State and Other Grants

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