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Google Scholar

An introduction to Google Scholar.

Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations provides a simple way for scholars to keep track of citations to their articles.

  • Authors can check who is citing their publications, graph citations over time and compute several citation metrics.

  • Authors can also create an automatically maintained public profile that lists all their articles.

  • An author's public profile can appear in Google Scholar results when someone searches for his name. (e.g., richard feynman).

General Questions on Scholar Citations

Setting up your profile

Find answers to these questions at the link above. 

How do I create my profile?

 You can sign up for a Google Scholar Citations profile. It's quick and free.

Some of my articles are not in my profile. How do I add missing articles?

Some of the articles in my profile aren't mine. Why are they included in my profile?

How do I remove articles that aren't mine?

I deleted one of the articles in my profile by mistake. How do I fix this?

The description of one of my articles isn't correct. How do I fix it?

My profile shows the same article twice. How do I fix this?

I merged a version with 27 citations with the one with 4 citations. How come the merged article has 30 citations - shouldn't it be 31?

Why is there a * next to my article's "Cited by" count?

Making your profile public

Will my profile be visible to others?

How do I make my profile public?

How do I see what my profile will look like to others before I make it public?

How do I link to my public profile?

I have changed my mind about making my profile public. How do I make it private again?

My profile is already public. Is there anything else I need to do to make it available for inclusion in Google Scholar search results?

Exploring Google Scholar Citations

Exploring citations to your articles

Find answers to these questions at the link above.
How do I see the list of citations to one of my articles?

Click the "Cited by" number for the article.

How do I see the citation graph for one of my articles?

Click on the title of the article.

How do I get notified about new citations to one of my articles?

Why is the "Cited by" count for one of my articles crossed out?

I like other citation metrics. Do you plan to add the g-index or the e-index? Or maybe the w-index?

The number of citations to one of my articles is too low. I know of several articles citing it that are not included in the list of citations. What I can do to help fix this?

Google Scholar Citations - more info

See the following links for additional help:

  • Google Scholar Metrics (use these to gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications)

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