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E-Books Guide: Home

A resource for everything E-Books: FAU e-books! Equipment, apps, articles, web links, plus free books and textbooks!

e-Books are eletronic books!

Getting Started

What do you need to know and what equipment do you need to have in order to start using

  • E-Books @ FAU Libraries
    • E-Books providers through FAU Libraries
    • FAU Libraries E-Readers 
  • Requires equipment
    • dedicated reader, or
    • application on a computer, phone or tablet
  • How-To's
    • Download books to your device
    • Or download to the "cloud" for access from multiple devices or computer apps
  • Selected Bibliography
    • Learn more about the theory and use of eBooks from articles
  • Web Links
    • Check out blogs & other LibGuides to keep current!
  • Free E-Books and Audio Books
    • Download E-Books and Audio Books for free!
    • Subscribe to resources via email, Twitter or RSS feed to get the latest information every day!
  • Free Textbooks
    • Need a supplement to your textbook? Check these out!
    • Check back often for new textbooks!


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