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Communication & Multimedia Studies

Subject Guide for Communication and Multimedia Studies

Communication and Multimedia Subject Guide Journals Page

Dive into the vibrant world of Communication and Media Studies through the extensive collection of scholarly journals available via FAU Libraries. These journals serve as invaluable repositories of cutting-edge research, critical analysis, and theoretical perspectives across a broad spectrum of topics within the field.

FAU Libraries provide access to various communication and media study journals covering mass communication, journalism, broadcasting, digital media, public relations, and more. From prestigious academic publications to industry-focused periodicals, these journals offer a wealth of knowledge and insight into contemporary issues, trends, and debates shaping the communication landscape.

Students, researchers, and faculty members can explore leading journals like Communication Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Media, Culture & Society, and Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, among many others. These journals feature peer-reviewed articles, empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, and critical reviews authored by renowned scholars and industry experts, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives and methodologies.

Whether you're delving into specific research topics, staying updated on emerging trends, or seeking inspiration for your academic pursuits, FAU Libraries' Communication and Media Study Journals offer an indispensable resource for deepening your understanding and engagement with the dynamic field of communication and media.