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Communication & Multimedia Studies

Subject Guide for Communication and Multimedia Studies

Communication and Multimedia Subject Guide Library of Congress Subject Heading Page

Shelf surfing is an invaluable approach to uncovering books that may not readily appear in the catalog. When seeking books covering the extensive history of humankind, understanding where to locate them on the shelf can significantly enhance your exploration. Below are call numbers sorted by subject, guiding you to the sections where books on world history and the history of specific regions can be found:

At FAU Libraries, Communication and Media Studies resources follow the Library of Congress Classification system, which assigns unique call numbers to materials based on their subject matter. This organizational method facilitates easy navigation and the location of specific items for users.

Here's a breakdown of crucial call number ranges for Communication and Media Studies at FAU Libraries:

P87-96: Communication. Mass Media
  - Covers general communication and mass media aspects, including theories, principles, and practices.

PN4699-5650: Journalism. The Periodical Press, etc.
  - Focuses on journalism, including newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals, as well as topics like history, ethics, and practices.

PN1990-1992.92: Broadcasting
  - Pertains to broadcasting, encompassing radio and television broadcasting, along with related subjects such as policy, regulation, and industry practices.

TK5101-6720: Telecommunication
  - Encompasses telecommunication, including technologies, systems, networks, and their applications in broadcasting, data communication, and wireless communication.

T58.5-T58.64: Information Technology
  - Covers topics related to information technology and multimedia systems, including digital communication, computer-mediated communication, and multimedia technologies.

Understanding these call number ranges aids users in efficiently navigating the library's collections. Whether browsing the shelves or searching online, these call numbers act as signposts for locating relevant resources.

More Books on Communication and Multimedia 

Below is a small sample of book titles in Communication and Multimedia that can be found through the FAU Libraries.