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Art History

Shelf surfing is a good way to find books that are not easily found in the catalog. Knowing where to look for books on your topic is key to finding the books on the shelf. Below are call numbers sorted by subject. Every book is assigned a call number which tells you where in the library you can find it. Those call numbers are listed below. For more help, watch our short tutorial

 Art History    

  •  Art History - Call Numbers: N5300-N7418  
  • History of ArchitectureCall Numbers: NA190-NA1555.5
  • Sculpture History/collective biography - Call Numbers: NB60-NB1115
  • History of Drawing/Design/IllustrationCall Numbers: NC50-NC266
  • History of PaintingCall Numbers: ND49-ND813
  • History of Printmaking and Engraving - Call Numbers: NE400-NE773
  • Wood Engraving History - Call Numbers: NE1030-NE1196.3
  • History of Metal Engraving - Call Numbers: NE1634-NE1749 
  • History of Etching and Aquatint - Call Numbers: NE1980-NE2055.5
  • Decorative Arts History - Call Numbers: NK600-NK806
  • History of the Arts - Call Numbers:NX440-NX632


  •   Photography - Call Numbers: TR1-TR1050

 Handicrafts/Arts and crafts  

  •  Handicrafts/Arts and crafts - Call Numbers: TT1-TR999  



You can also search the library catalog by using subject headings. Subject headings can be a word, group of words, or phrase used to describe what the book is about. The following is a partial list of subject headings related to Art History that can be used when searching for books and other items in the FAU Libraries Catalog.

  • Art History -- Dictionaries
  • Art -- History
  • Art, Modern -- 20th century
  • Artist Name (eg. Baudelaire, Charles 1821-1867) -- Criticism and interpretation
  • Painters 

Selected Books

Below is a list of suggested textbooks free to use through the library. This is not a comprehensive list but rather a starting point.

Please note that the books without call numbers are available online and may require you to log in using your MyFAU ID and password. The books with call numbers are physical books housed in the library. The books with the call numbers starting with N are located on the 3rd floor, west side of the library. 

A call number is the combination of letters and numbers that indicates where an item can be found in the library. Most call numbers are located on the spine or front of a book. 

FAU Libraries has a collection of Textbook Reserves for Art History-as well as other subjects- just follow the link and look for your class prefix. Link to textbook reserves can be found here. If your textbook is on reserve and is a physical book, it will be held behind the service desk in the lobby. To access the book, ask the person behind the service desk for the call number of the book-be sure to have your owl card ready. 

Interlibrary Loan

To request books or journal articles from other libraries, use Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Loan time may take 7 to 10 days, so don’t wait until the last minute!

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