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Beginning this summer and throughout the fall semester, we are working to upgrade the research experience by making ongoing improvements to our Research Guides.
You may encounter changes in the look and feel of the Research Guides website along with structural changes to our existing guides. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please let us know.


Why would I use a database?

Databases are great sources for finding information for your research paper. In the databases, you will find peer-reviewed or scholarly articles for your research. Journal Articles and Newspapers can be useful because you may find information on a topic that is so specific that no book has been written about it (and they may be more timely, since it takes some time to publish a book.)

Art Databases

General Databases

Free Databases

The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) and Répertoire international de la littérature de l'art (RILA) are available free of charge on the Getty Web site, covering European and American visual arts material published between 1975 and 2007.

Use the Getty Union List of Artist Names to

  • identify individual artists and corporate bodies,
  • search for artists by their "roles" (i.e., printmaker, sculptor, engraver, etc.), 
  • search for artists by nationality, 
  • see representative works by an artist (be aware of copyright restrictions for re-use).

See the FAQs at this site for assistance on how to use and read this list.

View and learn more about other Getty Vocabularies and the Getty Research Institute.

Off Campus Connect

If you are using FAU's online resources from off campus, please authenticate yourself for off campus access through Off Campus Connect.

Locating Full-Text Articles


If the article you are looking for does not appear as full text in the database, click on the "Find it @ FAU" button. This is a short cut, which will search to see if a full text version exists in either electronic or print format.

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