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Resources to Support Student Learning Outcomes

This guide provides links to library and other resources that support teaching the six student learning outcomes for the Distinction Through Discovery: Expanding Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Quality Enhancement Plan.

Student Learning Outcome 1: Knowledge


Students will demonstrate content knowledge, core principles, and skills.

Student Learning Outcome 2: Formulate Questions


Students will formulate research questions, scholarly or creative problems with integration of fundamental principles and knowledge in a manner appropriate to the discipline.

Student Learning Outcome 3: Plan of Action

Students will develop and implement a plan of action to address research and inquiry questions or scholarly problems.

Student Learning Outcome 4: Critical Thinking

Students will apply critical thinking skills to evaluate information, their own work, and the work of others.

Student Learning Outcome 5: Ethical Conduct

Students will identify significant ethical issues in research and inquiry and/or address them in practice.

Student Learning Outcome 6: Communication

Students will convey all aspects of their research and inquiry (processes and/or products) in appropriate formats, venues, and delivery modes.

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